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What is required in order for a minor to get a driver’s license?

Getting your driver’s licence is really exciting but it might feel a little complicated. Here’s an easy guide to earning that plastic card and finally getting behind the wheel.

First of all, you should know that Ontario has a “graduated licensing” system. This means you have to take three license steps over 5 years before getting a full driver’s licence. The first license is called G1, the second one G2 and the full license’s name is G.

FIRST STEP: G1 or Learner’s Permit

How do I get it?

You have to be at least 16 years old. You must pass an eye test to find out if you can see well enough to drive safely, and you must take a written test about the rules of the road.

What are the rules?

As a G1 driver you can’t drive alone.  You will have to:

  • drive with a fully licensed driver who has at least four years of driving experience (and a blood alcohol level of less than .05 per cent, in case he or she needs to take over the wheel)
  • be sure that the other driver is the only other person in the front seat
  • make sure that everyone in the car has a seatbelt
  • stay off Ontario’s “400-series” highways or key highways such as the Queen Elizabeth Way, Don Valley Parkway and the Conestoga Parkway
  • have zero blood alcohol level. Which means no drinking before and while driving
  • not drive between midnight and 5:00 am.


If the other driver is a driving instructor licensed in Ontario, you may drive on any road.

SECOND STEP: G2 or Probationary Licence

How do I get it?

You must have had your G1 licence for at least one year before trying to get your G2. This can be 8 months if you take a driving course approved by the Ministry of Transportation. To get the G2, you must pass a road test.

What are the rules?

At the G2 level, you can drive without another licensed driver on all Ontario roads and at any time but you still have to:

  • have zero blood alcohol level
  • be sure that your car has enough working seat belts for all your passengers.

As a G2 driver, you also have limits on the number of other teens that can be in your car between midnight and 5:00 a.m.:

  • If you’re under 19 years old, you can only carry one other teen
  • After the first six months as a G2 driver, you can carry up to three teens.

These restrictions don’t apply if the G2 driver is with a full “G” licensed driver (with at least four years of driving experience) in the front seat, or if the passengers are your siblings, children, parents or grandparents (immediate family members).

THIRD STEP: G or Full License

How do I get it?

You must have had your G2 license for one year. Then you need to take another road test.

What are the rules?

If you pass the road test, you will get a full licence without restrictions.

Private in-car lessons

Private in-car lessons

Mountain Driving Centre’s fully licensed and experienced driving instructors offer a number of Driver Education courses. The instructors place much emphasis on safe and defensive driving, observation skills, collision avoidance techniques, city and highway driving, and parking/backing maneuvers.

Beginner Driver Education

Beginner Driver Education

20 hours of in-class lessons, 10 hours of independent homework, and 10 hours of in-car lessons On-line certification to qualify for possible insurance reduction Road Test can then be taken in 8 months, instead of 12 Cost: $399 + HST

“G” Refresher Course

“G” Refresher Course

Refresher lessons to prepare you for your Road Test Flexible hours to accommodate school/work schedules Use of Driving Centre’s training vehicle for Road Test

  • Driving Theory

  • Practice

  • Examination

  • Test Drive