• Awesome driving school. Very relaxed, very informative. Recommending to all my friends!

    by Alex Tlalka
  • Great Facility, Very Clean. Excellent Instructors!

    by Google User
  • Mountain Driving Centre was professional, effective and thorough. The service was amazing they kept me engaged. The instructors are highly professional and the in class content is delivered in an easy to understand fashion. For anyone thinking about taking the driver’s Ed course program these guys are the way to go. They also have a fleet of vehicles so you can virtually pick what you’re comfortable with driving.

    by Suzan B.

How do I choose a driving school? What should I know?

  • Location is Important

    It is probably a good idea to find a driving school that is near your own neighborhood. The easiest way to do this is check out your local Yellow Pages or go online and do a search of driving schools in Ontario. There are a few reasons why you should find a school close to home. One of the main reasons is that as you don’t already have your license, you will probably have to walk or take public transportation to your classes.

  • Think about prices

    Not every driving school charges the same prices, but they all offer pretty much the same training. Not only do you need to find a driving school that is nearby, you also need to find the one with the best rates. After all, you don’t want to spend a fortune; you just want to learn how to drive. Remember too that even though a school may be more expensive, they may be offering exactly what you are looking for, making it worth the cost.

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    Ask about credentials

    You will not be hurting anyone’s feelings if you ask to see the credentials of the trainers at any driving school you are considering. This is your driving future here, and you need to know that you will be training with people who have experience and will teach you everything you need to know to be a safe and responsible driver. If the instructors have only been doing it for a short time, you may want to look into other driving schools.

  • Find out about course materials

  • Although every school teaches the same thing in the end, each may have their own different way of doing things. Ask to see the course materials, and make sure that they are complete, and that you are going to learn everything you need to know to be a good driver. Once you have checked out a few schools, sit down and compare the course content to see which one is offering everything you want.
  • Ask how long the course is

    Some courses are longer than others, and these are the ones you should be checking out. After all, you don’t want to have a crash course in driving (no pun intended). It only stands to reason that the longer the course, the more you are going to learn. Even if it seems redundant, it is still a good idea to take longer courses, because you have more time to drill all of the information into your head.

  • Student-teacher ratio

    It is a good idea to ask about this. Just like in any school, the more teachers there are, the better your chances are of really learning something. If there are not enough teachers, you may find that your driving education will be lacking, because you will not be able to get the attention you need.

  • Not just for the test

    Many driving schools will focus on helping you to pass your driver’s test, and not actually on how to become a really good driver. Ask about how much attention students are given, and what you are going to learn if you should decide to attend that particular driving school. You want to really learn how to be a good, safe driver, and you need to make sure the Ontario driving school you attend will teach you just that.